Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Life Insurance Is Not A Dead Investment

Life insurance is an investment that many of us don't like but still have to invest to safeguard your future. But don't you think that an investment that is going to safe guard your future is good? After all once you have taken an insurance policy, you are relieved of all the tension in your mind, since you know that when ever time comes at least you won't have to bother about one thing, your finances. After all it is always better to be prepared than to loose out.

I know when I was young I took a small job in my neighborhood, one of my friends who also had joined with me for the same position in the same company advised me to start investing money in the life insurance. I did not bothered to his advice and told him that life insurance is something that should be taken care of when you are married and have a family of your own. Well this is what every one feels when they are young, but that is wrong in the long run. Besides who even cares of future when you are strong and feel that you are almost invincible and nothing can stop you. But one should not forget that life is unpredictable. Once while I was playing football with my friends suddenly I met with an accident and I fell down on the ground and was hurt. I was in terrible pain and I had to be taken to a hospital. There I was diagnosed and I was found to have a fracture. Now this was something I was not prepared for. I had to shell out a huge amount of money for the treatment. I was on bed for almost six weeks; this meant that I lost my six weeks wages plus the money that was used for the treatment. It took me almost a year for me to recover the lost money that means I lost one year of my life. If only I had taken a life insurance then I would have saved my self all that money and saved my precious one year.

This is what future planning is all about. No one can take it easy when it comes to future. Taking easy and risking yourself is like jeopardizing your life. If you are ignorant about life insurance then It is better to take someone's help. Someone who is an expert in the area of life insurance or a financial advisor who can give you some tips on what is good for you and what is not so good for you. Financial advisors can always help you in taking a good decision and they can also help you in saving your money. You can even get more information about life insurance products from the internet. Internet is a good source of information. Once you gather all the information that you want, then you can look out for the best company that can offer you the best solution for you.

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